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Seven Tried and True Tips to Get Rid of Creepy Roaches

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Nothing is more frustrating than finding roach infestation in your home. These creatures flick on the kitchen lights and spot the scuttling legs and antennae of cockroaches on your counter, cabinets, or floor.

Along with being a major eyesore, roaches can contaminate your food, transmit dangerous diseases, and worst of all, survive even the exterminator pest control attempts. That’s why turning to the best pest exterminator company is the best option.

In search of food, these persistent pests infest at home in your kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces. And you know what’s scary? They multiply into hundreds rapidly and can make your home their home in no time!

If you are tired of these creepy roaches, then let’s discover how to get rid of creepy roaches. Here is everything you need to know to eliminate and deal with the roach infestation.

Easy tips to get rid of creepy roaches

Regardless if you’re stuck with one sneaky pest or a whole gang of roaches, follow these seven tried and true tips to shut down even the most stubborn infestations.

1.Clean your home thoroughly

Roaches are always in search of new sources of food that’s why they get attracted to dirt and filth. To stay away from roaches it is important to keep your home clean. Do the following

  • Wash your dish as soon as you are done with your meal
  • Clean crumbs and leaks immediately
  • Put away the garbage before going to bed
  • Clean grease from the top of the stove
  • Pack food in sealed containers
  • Mop regularly

In short, keep cockroaches away from their food supply.

2.Store-bought traps and baits

The traps found in supermarkets or home improvement stores are also quite a good pest exterminator. This device uses scent to attract roaches and when they get towards it get caught in a sticky substance and get trapped inside.

Store-bought baits are also a common way to get rid of roaches. The bait covers up insecticide as a food source. The roach dies after ingesting the insecticide and goes back and dies in their nests. This infected pest spread the poison to the rest of the nest. Placing chemical baits near garbage cans, underneath sinks and cabinets of bathroom and kitchen.

3.Liquid concentrate for roaches

The liquid concentrate is also available in stores and supermarkets and is designed as a pest exterminator. When diluted, this liquid can be sprayed even into the small cracks, crevices and other areas where roaches can hide. This solution can also be used to mop the floor and wipe the counters.

  1. Boric acid

Boric acid is one of the exterminator pest control if you are keen on taking the DIY approach.

Make a dough with mixing equal amounts of boric acid, flour, and sugar. Make the balls and set it around the home where cockroaches can feed on it. Flour and sugar work to attract roaches and boric acid work to kill them. Just keep the balls where you noticed the presence of roaches and places like under the stove, refrigerator, behind cabinets and drawers. The killed roaches then become the killing agent for other roaches. But this can be very dangerous for pets. If you have a pet friend at your home, try this with all the caution.

4.Seal all the potential entry points

Roaches can find their way through small cracks, holes or screens, so seal up the gaps between interiors and outdoors with sealing materials like clear caulk, door guard or steel wool. Also, get down on the floor level and search for the potential entry points. Seeing daylight across your doors means roaches can get in. Just eliminate all hiding places.

Roaches get attracted to warm humid climates which they easily find in your home so also draw out the excess moisture.

5.Check out the things you purposefully bring into your homes

Groceries, old furniture, newspaper, cardboards or deliveries can be home to roaches, so check them out cautiously before bringing them inside your home. These carriers can be amazing to hide away for the roaches.

6.Contact best pest exterminator company

As we know roaches are persistent creatures, after following DIY activities or other home prevention techniques, you may still be left with an infestation.

The DIY solutions are not guaranteed to work, especially against this persistent creature cockroach that can breed and multiply rapidly. There is no need to scatter the traps all-around you’re home.

If you are serious about getting rid of roaches then it is always recommended to hire the best pest exterminator company. This consultation can treat your home with professionalism and you can have a pest-free home.

These are some tried & tested tips and tricks to get rid of these annoying roaches.

With the fact that prevention is better than cure, prevention from roaches can only get you so far. It is also true roaches are such a problem for everyone, almost all homeowners are going to deal with roach infestation problems at some point. So you can just try to create an unfriendly environment for them, and nothing can prevent a pest infestation like hiring a pest exterminator or pest control expert.

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