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Last Stop Pest Control is a full-service residential, commercial, and industrial 24hours pest control company serving the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens communities in New York City and Newark, Jersey City Communities in New Jersey.

We are known for our “state of the art” services and expert pest control advice. We take pride in our pest control knowledge and outstanding customer service. Last Stop Pest Control employs an on-staff CERTIFIED Entomologist to identify and advise on any insect problem you may face.

Last Stop Pest Control has over 10 years of experience in the pest control industry.We provide reliable, quick and safety-conscious service and are fully licensed and insured for the safety of our clients and team.

Last Stop Pest Control exceeds all industry standards in the treatment and remediation of all pest types. Last Stop Pest Control provides exclusive programs to ensure our clients’ protection.

Our years of experience with Bed Bug inspection & removal, spiders, ants, roaches, silverfish, crickets and all other forms of structural pests are what differentiates us from other companies in the industry..

Some extermination companies use dangerous methods to wipe out pests. Using these methods may solve pest infestations, but the methods introduce new problems, causing harm to the environment, people, and pets.

As an example, if ants are sprayed and then left outside after they die, an anteater may eat them. The pesticide that killed the ants will also kill the anteater, and if the anteater is left outside, it will become the prey of birds and other scavengers. These animals will also be poisoned by the pesticide and will die.

In contrast to other companies, Last Stop Pest Control is committed to using environmentally friendly and safe techniques to solve pest problems. Our expert technicians will evaluate the situation and determine how to best address the issue while having the least impact on the environment and the people and animals you care about.

Our knowledgeable technicians will present you with effective and safe options for treating your property and eliminating annoying, harmful pests. We will also explain how you, your family, employees, and customers can remain healthy and safe during the extermination process.

Got a pest problem? Last Stop Pest Control provides a full line of health and safe Pest Control Services services to protect your home, office, and other commercial properties.

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Our CustomersLove Our Service

Roaches were in my apartment building here in the Bronx, and even though my apartment was always neat and clean roaches got in. Living with roaches is a nightmare. I needed help, and Last Stop Pest Control helped get rid of them.Steven D.
Great quality, reliable service. Had a bedbug problem at a rental property that other exterminators couldn’t get fixed. He came in and took care of the problem. I have been using him on a monthly basis ever since!Roger Johnson.
Mice in a restaurant can be disaster. NYC is infested with mice and rats, but a mouse running across the floor as people eat is going to spell the end of my business. It was hard to kill them all ourselves, but with the help of Last Stop Pest Control was really the last they killed them and kept them from returning.Lennie V.


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