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Bed Bugs Extermination

When To Call Upon Professional Bed Bug Pest Control Services

Sadly, the number of bedbug infestations has increased in the past couple of decades. It’s believed that an increase in travel has lent to the spread of these troublesome pests. Not even the cleanest homes are immune to a bedbug invasion, so it’s important for you to understand when you need to call upon professional bed bug Exterminator for pest control services.

When To Call For Professional Bed Bug Exterminator for Pest Control Services

The first question that most people have is how do they know that their home has been infested with bedbugs. These insects are very good at hiding; however, they aren’t so good at hiding signs that they have taken up residence.

These are some indications that your home has bedbugs:

* Fecal or blood stains on your bedding
* Tiny exoskeletons that the insects will shed as they grow

Most of all, the first sign that you have bedbugs might be bites. These bites don’t look that different than mosquito or flea bits, so you might not be able to tell the difference at first. Bedbug bites occur in straight lines across your skin. They are raised welts that might itch or even burn, depending upon how sensitive you are to them.

How Do Bedbug Infestations Occur

These insects survive on blood. They tend to hide in beds, so they can attack their victims at night when they are sleeping, and that is how they get their name. However, you can also find bedbugs in other kinds of furniture besides the bed. You might have unwittingly gotten bedbugs because you slept in a hotel bed or even sat in a plush chair at a movie theater. You could even pick them up in an Uber or taxi.

Again, having bedbugs doesn’t mean that you are a bad housekeeper. Bedbugs don’t care about eating garbage or improperly stored food in your fridge. They want to make a meal out of the blood of you, your family, and even your pets.

What To Expect From Bed Bug Exterminator

It can be tough to find signs of bedbugs beyond waking up with bites. If you even suspect you have bedbugs in your home, it’s time to call upon professional exterminators for help. The pest control technician will inspect your home for any signs of bedbugs or other pests. After they determine the cause of your problem, they will offer you a treatment plan. All you really have to lose by calling upon a professional are your unwelcome guests.

Professional exterminators have solutions that can kill adult bedbugs. Beyond that, they can also keep eggs from hatching and larvae from maturing. They use safe and non-toxic control measures that won’t hurt you, elderly people, children, or pets.

Most of the time, professional exterminators can solve your problem with one visit, but this isn’t always true. Typically, they will guarantee that your home will be totally free from bedbugs within 30 days. If not, they will return to offer you another treatment.

What Can You Do To Help The Pest Control Service?

Even though bedbugs aren’t attracted to garbage or uneaten food, they do like to hide in piles of clothes or papers. By reducing clutter, you can improve the chances of getting your infestation cleared within a single treatment. No, you didn’t cause the bedbug infestation, but you can take steps to help prevent another one.

Also, you can purchase special mattress casings that zip over your regular mattress. These will prevent bedbugs from hiding in your bed. They will also make sure that the bedbugs trapped within the mattress casing never come out to trouble you again. Sometimes, you can even extend your guarantee from one month to three months if you buy and install these mattress covers.

Are Bedbug Bits A Serious Health Risk?

Bedbug bites don’t usually infect their victims with diseases. However, they can be uncomfortably itchy and even painful. There is also a risk that scratching these bites can cause an infection. If you suffer from persistent redness or wounds that don’t heal, you should check with your doctor about treatment. The risk of infection may increase with children and elderly people.

You Probably Can’t Get Rid Of Bedbugs Without Help From Pros

You might see chemical treatments on the market that promise to end your bedbug promise. However, these may either be harsh and risky for your family or not even really work at all. You certainly don’t want to spend one more morning scratching bed bug bites. You certainly don’t want visitors to your house to get infested with bedbugs either.

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