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Are mice invading your home? If yes, then we can understand the frustration where you notice then chewing your furniture, clothes, damaging the electrical wires, and leaving the droppings all over the place.

They might seem cute to you owing to their fuzzy faces but keep in mind they are harbingers of many diseases such as plague. But, it’s quite hard to get rid of these creatures as they are smart and intelligent. They have an incredible sense of smell, hearing and can stun you with their communication.


Well, it might be hard to get rid of them, but it is crucial to get away with these creatures as they are unsanitary. All you need to get rid of them is to have the right approach. Let’s look at some ways you can get rid of these irritating creatures:

Mouse Proof Your House

Building a rodent-proof house is an incredibly smart move to get away from them. Begin with blocking the potential entry points where they can easily access. Don’t rely on temporarily fixing the entry points by fitting a pencil into the cracks and holes. Instead, try sealing the entry points as the mouse can squeeze itself even in the tiniest openings to get through it.

Moreover, try using weather strippings for the doors and cement all the cracks. Don’t use rubber, plastic, or wood to seal the entry points as the mouse can easily chew and tear them apart.

Use Mouse Traps

Mousetraps are another way of getting rid of mice. A classic wooden mousetrap or a sturdy metal trap with mesh coverings can solve the purpose very well. You might have seen people deploying one or two mouse traps at the entry points, but you should try using it in more numbers.

You can also use bait traps, multiple capture live traps, and glue traps in along with wooden traps. Using a combination of different types of mouse traps hold a better chance of catching the mice.

Choose a Tasty Bait

When it comes to catching mice all at once, you should understand that mice love food and comfort. If you place a nice smelling food item in the trap, they will come running behind it.

Use tasty baits that are smelling good such as chocolates, peanut butter, bacon, oatmeal, cheese, dried fruits, and many more. Replace the fresh bait with fresh food items in a day or a two.

You are advised to stay cautious even if you place the tastiest food item as a bait in the trap as they are curious and always on high alert.

Bring a Cat

Everyone knows the hate relationship between cats and mice; so, if you have pets, you don’t need to worry much about this part. If you don’t try bringing a cat at home, it will catch a mouse without demanding any effort on your part.

Also, you would be surprised to know that many farmers use farm or barn cats to catch hold of these frustrating critters.

Properly Place a Mouse Trap

When it comes to catching mice, it needs massive efforts on your part. Merely placing a trap at the entry points will not suffice, you have to make sure that these are rightly placed.

Try placing the traps perpendicular to the walls with the trigger section facing in the baseboard. Placing the trap in such a way would cause mice to run straight into the trap. Also, place the food items in their reach as they are extremely smart creatures they will not make efforts to run 10-20 feet towards the food source. Also, keep your hands off the trap once you have placed the trap; otherwise, you may ruin the whole set up.

Moreover, try changing the location of the traps every two days; otherwise, it will give a hint to these curious rodents.

Practice Good Sanitation

It is believed that mice can survive on a tiny amount of 3-4 grams of food, maybe a few crumbs would suffice. You should ensure to clean and wipe out even a single piece of food; otherwise, it will attract mice.

Clean your kitchen counters properly, eliminate residue in the sinks, floors, and any other place, wipe out crumbs, and secure your garbage correctly. Always store food in airtight containers and glass jars and keep the perishable food items in the fridge.

Avoid using plastic bags as mice have very sharp teeth, and they can tear apart anything that comes in their way.

Switch to Mice Treatment Services

If you have tried everything and still you struggle getting away from these frustrating creatures then, it’s time to call the professionals. Try contacting any mice treatment services in your area.

Stop wasting your energy and efforts on fixing the holes and other entry points and trap the mice; instead, call a professional expert. However, when you hire a professional, make sure they are specialized in this domain and try asking them about their success rate. Also, observe if they are thoroughly inspecting your house or not.

Well, if you are looking for effective and affordable mice treatment services across New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut then, contact Last Stop Pest Control. Here you will get the best solution for your problem if you are frustrated and finding ways to get rid of the pesky mice.

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Mice are ninjas who can hide easily below your nose, but when you make an effort to find them, you will notice one scampering away out of the corner of your eye.

Even if you notice a single mouse in your house, you can expect a nest in the walls, attic, or garage of your home. Before the situation gets worse and you have to run behind them to catch hold of them, you must take necessary steps.

We hope that the points mentioned above have helped you out, and you would consider them to get rid of these annoying creatures. For more such posts, stay tuned with Last Stop Pest Control!