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Beware of These Pests in Your Shared Spaces and Commercial Properties

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In recent times, the use of commercial properties has seen a drastic change. From colossal office complexes to shared spaces, or mixed-use retail spaces, people are finding ways to utilize the property to their maximum benefit. Various commercial properties serving shared spaces are usually burdened with higher traffic than usual. This calls for its maintenance, cleanliness, food safety, and pest control treatment services.

Looking at high traffic and multiple usages, pest problems can be a normal occurrence in shared spaces.

Shared Spaces Bring a Whole World of Shared Pest Problems

“Shared spaces” the name indicates its complexity itself.

A lot of commercial shared spaces properties go through their own set of challenges unknown to many. From sharing walls, ceilings, and common areas, shared spaces also share pests. This makes commercial pest control exterminator NYC a necessity. Pest control asks for instant action. Any delay can raise a small pest issue to something bigger to handle.

But, where can you sight pests? What you need to understand here is the cause of pests. Why do you think pests are spreading up in your commercial property? Firstly, due to the lack of cleanliness and maintenance which indicates their presence in lobbies, foyers, and bathrooms. Secondly, due to food and so, you can find them in cafeterias or break areas. These frequent sightings of pests in your area can be a turn off to your visitors, tenants, as well as employees. Pest control services in New York suggest you maintain your commercial property to avoid such consequences.

Slowly, pests from these designated areas begin traveling to other spaces. For instance, these can also find a way into your work area through electrical wiring. Sighting pests in a work area can lead to disruption as well as moral issues. Aside from this, a small number of pests including cockroaches, or bed bugs can be brought by employees from home. These minute creatures have a tendency to sneak into your belongings and crawl out in your work area.

Apart from causing disruption in your work, pests can also damage your property. Pests traversing to electrical wiring, boiler, ceilings, or work areas can cause more damage. Rodents including mice and rats can munch on wiring as well as your documents that can not only damage your personal belongings but it can also  damage your expensive equipment. Other pests including ants can hide in electrical equipment as well as cockroaches. If left undisturbed, their population can grow exponentially and infect your entire space.

Which Pests Can Be Found in Commercial Properties?

Pest sightings are common in commercial properties, especially in shared spaces. Here are the common pests that can be found in such property,


Rodents including mice and rats are known to cause the biggest damage. These not only disperse quickly but also reproduce and cause damage four times than any    other pest. Hence, it is advised to organize pest management programs as well as carry out pest control treatment services in your area. If left undisturbed, the problems can enhance as well as spread to neighboring properties.


 Spiders usually arise out of poor maintenance and cleaning. These tiny creatures find a way into the commercial property through minute crevices or cracks including pipes, vents, as well as personal items. Spiders cause a lot of suspicions as well as fear among people. Thus, a single spider can lead to a greater issue.

Night Flying Insects

A lot of night-flying insects including moths are attracted to lighting. You can find these creatures flying towards the light and sitting on bulbs or other light settings. These tiny insects enter your area through open doors, windows, cracks, and crevices. To resolve this issue, consult any pest control services in New York to manage your lighting.

House Flies

Unlike other pests, house flies enter your facility in the same way as people do. These are also visible unlike others and enter through open doors or windows. Luckily, flies do not reproduce or breed inside. However, no one wants to sit with flies around.

These can distract you from work and cause irritation to your food safety and sanitation. These are known to spread infections by surfaces and food. To get rid of flies, consult a commercial pest exterminator NYC to manage your entry points.

Other Insects

The other set of insects including boxelder bugs stink bugs, silverfish, earwigs, and centipedes. These are also known to spread infections in your area.

What To Do for Pest Control?

 – Check Your Area

To get rid of pests from your commercial facility, you need to check your property to the fullest. Check cracks, crevices, sanitation area, as well as the roof. When it comes to checking your facility, the roof is often avoided. Nevertheless, the roof can also cause pest problems. Birds or pigeons can build their nests, bring their residence,    and rest on your roof. Unlike other pests, birds do not cause much nuisance but their dropping is corrosive and it can damage your structure to create a mess.

Aside from that, birds can also find a home in your critical equipment including the HVAC system. These systems are warm from outside that can attract birds to find shelter. If left unresolved, bird feathers or droppings can find a way into your area through the air system.

Design a Pest Management Program for Your Facility

Are you tired of these tiny uninvited guests? Often pests enter your facility through different areas. While you cannot look out and find the root cause yourself, you can definitely design a pest management program for your facility. Make sure that you contact a pest exterminator in your locality to understand and learn your root cause areas. Only an expert can guide you on resolving the pest issues. Appoint an employee from your workforce to check on pest exterminators every once in a while and ensure pest control done in your area.

We at Last Stop Pest Control offer integrated services to resolve your pest issues. Whether you are struggling to get rid of these creatures from your home or from your office, we are here to make your facility free from nuisance. Call us today at 718.841.7156 or visit us here to know all about our services.

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