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Six mistakes that can make your home a pest-magnet

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Have you ever returned home singing “Home, Sweet Home!” and noticed a creepy crawler peeping outside for your welcome? Probably, it’s a ‘yes,’ and for most of the time, you keep seeing those awful creatures roaming about your house making your life difficult in your own home. 

Of course, we are talking about pests – tiny, little, unwanted guests that reside in your house without permission. Along with you, they trouble your human guests too! It is really embarrassing for you to welcome them with a parade of pests passing through the legs of your coffee table. Also, they are responsible for various diseases spreading around you. 

Do you think you can get rid of them? Not easy – they enter your house for the deliberate intention to reproduce and multiply at a cool place in summers, especially. It’s better to stop them right there before they make your house their residence. 

You don’t even know when your house becomes a pest-magnet. They do not enter by chance! It can be due to your carelessness in keeping your home free from these terrible creatures. So, before you actually start searching things like “pest control services in New York,” spot the entry points of these pests and shut them up. 

Here are six possible doorways for pests

  • Garbage – A warm welcome to pests

Is your residence a storehouse of old newspapers, magazines, cartons, and other unused boxes? If yes, then you are preparing a “sweet home” for pests yourselves! Creatures like rats, cockroaches, and spiders look for cluttered shelter. The place where you have stored a heap of such things now becomes the house of pests. 

Black beetles, a popular one, smell the odor of leftover food and trash even if it’s kilometers away from your house. It will surely find its way to your home. 

Keep all your food and not-in-use items in sealed containers. Throw away trash and all the unwanted boxes and cartons to free up the cluttered space. Don’t make your backyard the dustbin; it will be the second and the easiest way for pests to get in. 

  • Open doors? A clear invitation to pests

In summers, when it’s intolerably hot outside, pests look for a spring breeze just like you starve for a cold wind inside your house. Apart from you, your home is a safe place for these pests too. The cool and comfortable environment there is appealing, and so, they are on their way to your home if they find the front doors flung open. 

Screen doors are perfect for keeping pests out while letting in the cold breeze. But they can betray you if not maintained properly. The small holes and tears in the door are a natural entry point for ants, mosquitoes, beetles, and other insects. Make sure your doors allow only you in your house and not the pests. 

  • House covered by Leaks, attracts insects

Is the water supply in house leakage-free? Are there any broken pipes or a source of stagnant water? Try to tell a “NO” for these questions because leakages are a central attraction point for insects. They usually stick to a damp area, especially rats and cockroaches. Even mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, hence a no to filthy water sources. Wood drilling insects like termites find leaks that can damage woods as the best place to rule over. 

The only way you can prevent this is to repair the leaks in your house from time to time. Or else, unless you apply the exterminator pest control, you will let those creepy creatures multiply without any fear.

  • At least keep your kitchen safe!

Food lovers like you may make the kitchen their favorite place to spend their vacation time in summers. But ensure that you don’t make it the same for pests. While cooking food, kitchen appliances like microwaves, toaster ovens, stove, etc. may have food particles stuck on them. These items invite many household pests and give birth to other microorganisms. They fly all over your food and make it worth throwing away. 

Body waste from pests and bacteria can contaminate your food and pose several health risks. Utilize a few minutes of your free time in cleaning your kitchen appliances and employing the commercial pest control exterminator NYC.  

  • Dirty roof – another room for danger

Gutters are a favorite dwelling place for pests like cockroaches and household insects. The former is full of moisture, and so these creatures easily catch hold of them during summers. In search of food, they populate your home with their stable colonies spreading the waste of gutters all over. 

Also, the tree leaves choking the gutters pave the way for earthworms to your roof. That makes a new room for pests. How disgusting it is to watch and even think about having such crawlers in your home! 

To prevent this, get your gutters cleaned every year properly. Make sure you don’t leave any organic trash around them. Dispose of tree leaves properly before they collect in one place. Ensure the complete cleanliness of your roof every few months.

  • Old furniture? Get rid of it right away

Many popular websites sell second-hand furniture. With sofas and armchairs, comes your uninvited visitors – pests. All the house pests reside comfortably in the old furniture and then wander about in your house. Before installing your sofa or any other second-hand furniture in your home, get it cleaned with a specific pesticide or spray that keeps away pests. Not only insects and pests, but old furniture is also a home for several microorganisms that can make it dirty. 

It is better if you avoid used furniture in your house. The money you save while buying the old one will go in paying bills for either pesticides or medicines. 

Even after adopting safety measures, the situation goes out of control, get in touch with the best pest exterminator company, the Last Stop Pest Control. Don’t spoil your summers getting rid of pests every new day; call us right now. We will be there to examine the scenario and instill a custom treatment plan to wash away the creepy beings. Stay tuned with us for more posts on pest control services in New York.

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